Chantel Hall Reid

Chantel Hall-Reid is an author, mother, educator, and a mentor.

As a graduate of Birmingham City University, she earned a BA (Hons) degree in Primary Education and is a lover of all things English &Education.

Since graduating Chantel has taught in a range of educational settings. Chantel has more than ten years of teaching & mentoring experience and in 2018 decided to use her passion and expertise to form her own English tuition business, it was also during this year that Chantel set up another business offering support to educational establishments in a bid to increase their students learning experience.

Chantel is a Co-founder and Director of Sister2Sister C.I.C, a social enterprise supporting young females through empowerment and confidence building programmes. With all these projects under her belt, it’s clear to see that she’s not afraid of hard work and has a passion for young people. This further confirms why Sister2Sister made the finals of the Great British Entrepreneur Award 2020, for the entrepreneurial spirit award category. When it comes to supporting young people, this is where Chantel truly feels at ease.

Chantel has just finished writing her first book “Imani’s Diary” which she hopes will be the first of many. Chantel’s inspirations include just about everything; books she read, 90s music which she still adores! and her love of travel. But mostly; her inspiration for this novel came from life experiences, her teaching days, working with young girls as well as social observations.

Publishing a book has been a lifelong goal for Chantel and she’s tremendously proud with the publication of her first novel. Chantel hopes to inspire anyone whose thinking of writing a book, to just get started.

She can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @chantelhallreid

What you are about to read is Imani’s diary – uncovered and uncensored. Imani is just a regular girl growing up with her family in the 90s. On the surface, Imani seems to enjoy her teenage years, but she longs for acceptance, commitment, and security. She seeks these in some of the most alarming ways imaginable, but does she ever find contentment?

Even though she uncovers fake friendships, family secrets and relationship blunders, she also experiences some teenage highs; late night parties, sleepovers and holding down a boyfriend; or two!. You’re routing for her amidst her many boy mistakes and life trials.

Imani’s diary is a quirky, funny, and heartfelt snapshot of trials and tribulations, captured with brutal honesty. Join her on a personal rollercoaster from uninhibited teen years of fun and frolics to a place of discovery and focus. These gripping diary entries will leave you craving for more.

Take a nostalgic read and lose yourself in the naughty 90s with Imani and the Crew!

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