Chantel is an inspiring entrepreneur,
teen mentor, author, and is passionate
about raising awareness of the challenges
that teenage girls from inner cities face.
Chantel Hall Reid - author, entrepreneur, speaker and director


Chantel is an inspiring entrepreneur,
teen mentor, author, and is passionate
about raising awareness of the challenges
that teenage girls from inner cities face.
Chantel Hall Reid - author, entrepreneur, speaker and director

Meet Chantel

Chantel is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and director and co-founder of Sister2Sister C.I.C.
Chantel Hall Reid - author, entrepreneur, speaker and director
Chantel Chantel


Author of
Imani’s Diary
Chantel Chantel


Teen mentor, director
and entrepreneur
Chantel Chantel


An in-demand public speaker
and workshop facilitator


Chantel Hall-Reid is an award winning entrepreneur. Having started her entrepreneur journey in 2018, Chantel’s mission is to support teens & women around the world in ‘finding their voice’ along with their values so they can get in alignment with who the truly are.

Chantel is an author, Teen Mentor, Speaker, Director and Co-Founder of Sister2Sister C.I.C. With all these projects under her belt, it’s clear to see that, when it comes to supporting others, this is where Chantel truly feels at ease.


As a Great British Entrepreneur Award 2020 finalist for the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, Chantel demonstrated that she can lead the way for business – and is all about getting things done and leading the charge! This award was commends those who have the ability to act, a hunger for opportunity, a growth mindset and willingness to be challenged and a strong work ethic.


Chantel is also a finalist of the MBCC Awards 2021 for the Most Influential Businessperson of the Year Award 2021. This award demonstrates her commitment to business and giving back to her community but also for the way in which she helps and inspires others around her. She is able to demonstrate her authority in her field of teenage support and has the gravitas to be noticed and respected by others.

Read more about her MBCC nomination here;

Chantel Hall Reid Biography


Chantel is not afraid of hard work and has a passion for young people. This was confirmed when Sister2Sister made the finals of the Great British Entrepreneur Award in 2020 and 2021, for the entrepreneurial spirit award category.

  • Chantel Hall Reid Great British Entrepreneur Awards

    Great British Entrepreneur Awards

    Finalist of 2021 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  • Chantel Hall Reid Britain's Multicultural Business & Community Champion Awards

    Britain's Multicultural Business & Community Champion Awards

    Finalist 2021 Most Influential Business Person Award


    Leah Ahmed

    From the first time that we met, I felt I could open up to Chantel with everything. She is very supportive. I 100% feel as though she cares about my well-being and education as she would always asks about my week. Chantel would always give me lots of advice and encouragement. Chantel has really changed my mindset and yeah she's helped me loads. I can't thank you enough.

    Marcia Spence

    I met Chantel during the Covid-19 pandemic when she was inspired to write an uplifting book. Chantel is a prolific reader and writer with multiple styles to suit a vast range of readers. Imani's Diary is an excellent book for young people and adults like, with snapshots of the 90's giving readers a nostalgic & authentic experience. Chantel is not only a writer and published author; she is too a visionary leader and businesswoman who strategically establishes a strong position in her field. Chantel is a 'woman to watch'. I see and admire her greatness in every interaction I have with her.

    Aurea Reis

    Chantel is great at advising and orientation. Recently I needed some help on what route to follow professionally and she went above and beyond to help me put things into perspective and laying down my goals and ambitions in life. Thank you

    Charlotte Webb

    I went to high school with Chantel back in the 90's, and her debut novel, published earlier this year, is such a delightful, funny, and fabulous insight into the life of a black teenage girl growing up in the 90's. I admire your successes as both a writer, and a business woman. Chantel is someone that you don't want to miss.


    Chantel is nice and understanding. One thing I learnt from Chantel is when to pick my battles and that sometimes I should just listen rather than put up a fight all the time, especially with my teachers. Her sessions were fun and down to earth. Chantel has made me look at my attitude especially towards those in authority,


    I attended 'You must know yourself to Grow Yourself' and found the session extremely helpful. You've inspired me to do the same so that I can make the necessary changes.

    Pauline Lawrence

    Your session today was truly wonderful and inspirational, I have left feeling engaged, uplifted and ready to make changes.

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